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All you need to know about mens haircut

mens Hair cuts near me

Everyone deserves to be pampered not only women but also for men. Gender stereotyping normally pinpoint people’s function within the society, they are referred as the bread winner and need to strive and work challenging to support their family. While women stay at home, take excellent care of the house and her siblings while keeping herself pampered and attractive if there’s time. However, this is not applicable to all since today’s generation is quite challenging to understand. Both genders are under gender equality where in what women can do, men can do and vice versa. And if it talks about vanity, they share the same views too. Does  haircuts for men makes it achievable for them to look cool and manly?

It is believed that short mens haircuts are best for the summer season, but it is not true. You can get short haircuts throughout the year to get the most elegant look. There are many variations in a short haircut. The most sophisticated short hairstyle is the military haircut. What about those men who like to keep long haircuts? In fact, men having long hair feel more liberal and freedom of expressing their style statement. There are many styles for long hair for different occasions. But men need to get their hair regularly trimmed to keep the long length in shape.

If women can cut their hairs in a unique style, men can do too without embarrassing themselves and make them much more attractive and truly hot. You will find years were in long-haired guys become a trend. That was before; men usually cut their hair short since it truly is much more refreshing and relaxing to their part. Short haircuts for men are the latest trend in the world of hairstyling particularly for those that need to look a lot more dignified, manly while looking cool and hot at the same time.

There are distinct short haircuts for men that you can choose from. Some male models and celebrities in Hollywood display this type of look. Cuts like this are recommended for the athletic kind and those that works and love the outdoor life. It does not need high-priced maintenance simply because of its shortness. You do not even need to brush or comb it in style additional typically just to have a masculine look. This is one of the reasons, why a lot of men out there desire to try this look too. However, some of them might lack the courage to change their looks, since they’re still doubtful if the new haircut may look good to them.

Men do have different sorts of hair as well as the face’s shapes. One cut may look very good to other people although it could not look to be appealing to you

There is no require to worry; you can deal with the ideal hairstylist inside the world for short haircuts which will match the shape of your face and may well even enhance your features more. Short haircut for men for are not a threat; it is a new opportunity to open up with a new lifestyle and have a fresh look and outcomes in life.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Top 3 men’s hair styles 2016

Gone are the days where men just stick to the short back and sides. These days men’s hair styling is big business and it is fully accepted that men should have well styled hair as part of there grooming.

Below we outline some of the top hair styles of 2016

1. The Classic Undercut
For something a little more conservative, go for a classic cut which still maintains trimmed sides, but leaves the top not too long. The classic undercut is recommended for those who may be a little apprehensive about this haircut because it is relatively simple and isn’t too extreme. Styling the classic undercut is simple, and a bit of hair product will keep it clean and polished. A wet look gel or mousse will give this cut a 40’s/50’s touch which can be great to change the proportions up.

Classic Undercut

Find more hair styles here

2. Angular Fringe
The angular fringe was an emerging trend among male fashion models in 2014, and it was so widely popular, we are certain it will become a widely popular trend among all men in 2016. This look is achieved with tapered sides, but keeps the top layer long and cut at angle. It looks great on all face shapes, but is best suited for men with a round face.


See more here

5. Bald Fade Medium Hair Pomp

cutthroat_george_balded fade medium hair

Haircut byGeorge Coady

Very cool slicked back undercut with a bald drop fade. Use a blow dryer to get extra volume up front.

read more here

There are a ton more hair styles that could be mentioned in this post but for me, these styles are the top 3 most seen in 2016

There are many barber businesses in every city that are able to give you this kind of hair style, just simple google for a barber shop near me and google will show you a map with all the closest barber shops to you.


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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Local Barber Shops

Barber Shop Old Skool

When a new barbershop opens in your town, you may assume that it’s the result of a long and challenging planning activity, in which the newly instated and more stringent regulations that govern this industry have been carefully balanced with the availability of trained and talented personnel. Knowing how to profitably administer a quality barbershop it’s only at the hand of those passionate barbers who through their daily services keep this profession alive and growing and their clients smiling when looking into the mirror.

You will know if your local barber shop is a high standard one just by experiencing the customer service and looking at the equipment. The best men’s hairdressers are those that greet you with a warm welcome, maintaining throughout your treatment a relaxed attitude and an entertaining state of mind, helping you in this way to be more comfortable and receptive to new styling ideas. Probably the prototype of the most successful and loved barber that any man would prefer to hold the blade at his chin is along the traits of the famous Figaro of Rossini’s opera The Barber of Seville. Going for regular haircuts in such a spirited barber shop may become a delight in itself, a return among joyous friends.

When it comes to the equipment that a modern barber shop is now required to have, there is a long list to be checked, this equipment differing significantly from that found in a lady’s hairdressing saloon. In terms of furniture and sanitary appliances, for a barber shop styling or barber chairs are a must, adjustable for children, as well as shampooing sinks and towel cabinets. The hairdressing equipment should include different pairs of scissors, the long ones being favored by numerous traditional barbers since they make the scissors over comb task much easier and efficient. Of course, clippers, trimmers, combs, hair dryers, razors, and blades, as well as styling products, are indispensable items for any respectable barber shop you may choose to enter.

Although the today hair styling industry has considerably increased its degree of professionalism and quality work, most men think that having their hair cut at home and shaving themselves is an obvious thing to do, considering the hair saloons as being largely for women and in this belief, opting not to step in the men’s hairdresser. However, if you choose to take it all in your hands, chances are that you will end up with an unhealthy and scarce hair, most probably badly cut or ill-suited for your physiognomy as well as with skin irritation, rashes or cut traces. A trained professional will avoid all these things, offering you more than just a quick haircut and shave but a self-image that is fully representative of yourself.

Making the proper haircut choice and getting an impeccable shave can enormously increase your self-confidence, the way you are perceived by the others, the chances of success in a public presentation or a job interview and the opportunity of impressing your lady. After leaving the men’s hairdressers, you can rest assured that you’ll become a fashionable and respectable man, without having to put through the torment of being an intruder among the world of women in the female beauty and hair salons.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Thinks to keep in mind as a barber

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Hairdressing salon equipment is probably the most important thing you need before opening a salon. In fact, they are probably more important than the hair salon itself. If you have your own salon you already understand their importance. If you don’t but plan to own one soon, it is better to have a quick list of the essential equipment you will need there.

1. The right hair salon furniture always makes a difference. This is important even in case of the reception furniture. If customers have entered your salon once, then it is easy to convince them by quality of service you offer. It is the “getting inside” part that is the most difficult. So never fail to rouse an impressive eye with some stylish but duly suitable reception furniture. Maintain a professional look.

2. It is imperative that you have large surfaces and mirrors. Customers like to see what’s going on with their hair as you work. Make sure that you meet this need. This also provides a lot of light as light gets reflected off the shiny surfaces. In fact, this is also a good idea to create an illusion of space, especially if your salon is small. As for the surfaces, you obviously need to keep the scissors and hair dryers some place when you are not using them

3. Styling chairs and stools are the next hairdressing salon equipment you need to pay particular attention to. Your customers deserve to feel very comfortable and relaxed while enjoying your professional salon services.

4. Don’t forget the trolley as the next kind of hairdressing salon equipment. Being able to readily access all of the equipment like brushes, combs, and scissors you will use throughout your day is important, instead of having to run all over the place.

5. Everyone loves to have their hair washed. Do not skimp on hairdressing salon equipment in this regard. Wash stations are obviously essential for your salon business.

6. If you want to offer nail services to your clients then certainly get quality nail chairs and tables when coming up with your list of hairdressing salon equipment.

This is a simple but core list of the hairdressing salon equipment you will need to consider for your salon or spa.

On the other hand,

There are many ways you can generate a buzz for your Local Barber services without breaking the bank.

Use networking to your advantage. Do you have a favorite shop in your town or at the local mall that features styles that you love? Speak to the store manager about hosting a fashion show. Hosting a fashion show can be done affordably. You can use the women or men who work at the store or maybe you could use some of your friends to be the models for the event. Have them wear the store’s latest styles, while you do the hair and/or makeup. This promotes awareness for both you and the store. Make sure you walk with your business cards so that you can hand them out and book new appointments. One of the best forms of adverstising is word of mouth or referrals. By showing off your range of hair and makeup styles it will give people a glimpse of the different looks that you can create. Creating fabulous masterpieces at key events will keep you in the minds of potential clients.
Get creative online. Take photos of your work and post the different looks that you’ve created on Pinterest and Facebook. Get your fans involved and have them vote on their favorite looks. Be sure to show off your best work using subjects with diverse looks to broaden your potential customer base.
Create a buzz for your business with a photo shoot. This spring and summer, get out and about. Be seen in your local park or outdoor shopping venues taking photos of men, women or children whose hair and makeup is center stage. This will spark interest in standbyers or people just walking around. This will also create awareness of your skills and talents. People will be able to see your abilities outside of a salon setting.

This industry is always evolving and creativity is a necessity. You need to evolve with it and by coming up with fresh ideas, you’ll be creating a name for yourself and setting yourself apart from amongst the rest.

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Tips to Find a Good Barber Shop 

Finding your next barber shop can be overwhelming. Try these five tips to find the right barber for you and avoid a bad hair day. If you have decided in getting a men’s haircut, the following tips will help you find a good barber shop in your area.

Word of Mouth Recommendations

The best way to judge a new barber shop is through word of mouth reviews. Ask around or scour the internet for reviews on the shop before you enter. Try to find pictures of previous customers to determine if the barber is accustomed to creating the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Are They a Unisex Shop?

While this may feel like a non-issue, barbers that handle both men and women may not be specialized enough for what you want. If it’s possible to find a shop in your area that caters for men only, try them first before branching out to a unisex shop.

How Clean Is the Shop?

Before you go under the razor, check that the cleanliness of the shop is to your liking. Barber shops should always be cleanly swept and have barbicide available to sterilize their tools. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the cleanliness, take that as a red flag and move on.

Look for age
Some barber shops will say on their storefront what year they opened. If a barber shop has been around for 20 years, that means it is probably doing something right, and its customers must be coming back month after month for a reason.

Check Out How Busy the Shop Gets

A successful hairstylist will have a die-hard clientele, so if your new shop seems a little empty, do some research as to why. Maybe they’re new and are looking to gain new clients, or maybe they’ve had a lot of problems in the past that chased their clients away. Decide ahead of time if you want to take the gamble on an inexperienced shop, or if you’d prefer to wait for an appointment at a successful shop.

Start Out With Just the Basics

Before you decide to go for a completely new look, test out your new barber with just a trim. Pay attention to the attitude of the stylist and notice if they ask for feedback during the trim, or if you feel like you haven’t been consulted at all. Also, use this time to get an overall feel for how well you mesh with their clientele. Maybe you prefer a no-nonsense experience, or maybe you like to have a conversation during the cut or shave. Either way, does your stylist interact in a way that makes you feel at ease? Getting just a trim is a low commitment way to determine the proficiency of your stylist and how comfortable you feel with the overall experience.

Once you find the right barber, hold on to them for dear life. The more comfortable you get with them, the more they’ll be able to give you a flawless experience. At the end of the day, a barber is just a small part of your new life. But having someone that is dependable, that can provide good conversation and a good haircut, can help ease you into your new situation. That’s why it’s more important than you might think to find the right one. Good luck!

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Find the Best Barber Shop 

Barber Shop Near My town

Not only women, men too always want to look well-groomed, and this is the reason why they pay frequent visits to the barber shop. Though of course there are many professionals in the business, but which one you opt for will have a great impact on the kind of experience you have. If you want to enjoy a perfect experience then you need to find the best barber shop. But how do you find the best? If this is the question now running in your mind, then just follow the simple tips given below.

1. Convenience is important

Time is important, so you need to find a barber shop that offers timely service. A good hair salon for men should be able to complete its task in no more than 30 minutes. Though most such salons work on a walk-in-basis, there are some shops where you will need to book an appointment. If you lead a busy life, and cannot invest time in booking an appointment and then wait for the day to come, then rather look for a shop that offers walk-in-basis service.

2. The right environment

There are different hair salons for men, and each has their own personality. You need to select the one you are most comfortable with. If you are a mom looking for a barbershop to take your kids to, a working professional, or a police officer then you will not be comfortable with a shop that has guys drinking beer or using profane language. So, you need to first check if the shop has the right environment for you to move in. There is nothing wrong with any kind of environment, it is only, and only about your preference.

3. The cost

A good professional barber is confident about his work and will likely cost you slightly more than other local small shops. So, you first need to decide what is more important for you, a perfect service, or the amount you will have to pay. If money plays an important role, you might have to settle for not so great services.

4. Experience of the staff

Experience plays a very important role, more than you ever might have thought of. Now, clients need different types of haircut, something that is new and trendy. If a barber shop has just one barber who knows how to give you the latest cut to perfection, then perhaps you will need to wait long before your turn comes. So, it is important to learn about the experience of the staff. The more the number of professional experienced staffs, less will be your waiting time.

5. The staff behavior

Yes, you need experienced barbers to get the right cut, but what if that person is rude, will not listen to what you have to say, and will just do things his way. You certainly will not like it. This is why you need to give importance to the way the staff behaves. Of course, you need not think about it too much, just that you must be comfortable with the barber.

So, you just need to follow the simple tips given above and you will easily be able to find the best barbershop that will offer you the exact type of services you are looking for.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Best Barber Shops Sydney


Barber shops Sydney

MEN’S BIZ team of experts hand-pick a curation selection of best-in-class men’s shaving, skincare, haircare, fragrances and grooming accessories from around the world. They also offer sharp in-salon hairstyling and barber services so you can have a ‘better life through better grooming’.


Barber shops Sydney

With shops in Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Sydney’s hipster hub of Newtown, Hawleywood’s barber shop and shaving parlour offers clean cuts and shaves no matter what your style is. From classic businessman do’s to psychobilly quiffs and a mohawk, Hawleywood’s cover it all. Plus, all haircuts and shaves are straight-razor and finished with a hot towel.


Barber shops Sydney

Set within the very cool QT building, the spa at QT Sydney offers a great men’s barber service for guests and city regulars. Set within the surrounds of the day spa, the quiet barber shop is a welcome relief from the pace of the city. The head barber Kris will cut, clip or shave. He’s a rather entertaining chap, too. They do get busy toward the weekends, so make sure you book ahead.


Barber shops Sydney

When you combine haircuts and coffee, you get Cleveland’s. Two businesses occupy the same space – one part (the coffee) is run by Harry Levy and the other (hair and shave) is the domain of Patrick Casey. There’s even a food menu of breakfast and lunch fare to complement your perfectly-brewed espresso. Casey and Levy are a formidable team in the heart of coolville, one you certainly won’t mind getting a glass of whiskey with next time you need a trim. 


Barber shops Sydney

Old-school elegance meets modern cool at Sterling Hairdressing Parlour & Barber Shop. Between the music, the vintage barber’s chairs and the pin-up pictures on the walls, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight back in time. The man behind the plan is Tony Vacher, who’s been cutting and styling hair for over 30 years after training at Vidal Sassoon in London. While Sterling’s signature is authentic vintage hair and traditional straight-razor shaves, everything is done with a modern twist.


Barber shops Sydney

Do not be fooled when you Google The Barber Shop and find it’s a bar and restaurant. Head bartender and owner Mike Enright believes slick hairstyles, sharp blades and high-proof alcohol were meant to be together, and we’re inclined to agree. After a beard trim, a short-back-and-sides or whatever kind of de-bristling you’re in need of, treat yourself to one of the excellent (often gin-based) cocktails or something off the intriguing beer and wine list. (Photo credit: Anna Kucera)


Barber shops Sydney

If the latest lids, kicks and crew cut is your thing, look no further than the team over at Culture Kings. No appointments are necessary, so feel free to stroll in straight off the street and take a seat in one of their famous barber’s chairs whenever you’re in the neighbourhood. Experience top-class styling, then head to the retail store to purchase some new additions to your wardrobe. A day at Culture Kings is the ultimate urban escape, and you’ll walk out feeling like an entirely new man.


Barber shops Sydney

Grand Royal Barbers is one of the older establishments in Sydney. Founded in 1999, owners Maria Dillon and Steve Salecich saw that Sydney was in desperate need of an upmarket modern barbershop and GRB was the answer. Come here for original 1940s barber’s chairs and other barbershop memorabilia passed down from Steve’s great, great grandfather, plus a friendly atmosphere and, of course, great service. GRB have three locations across the city, so you’re never far away from a close shave or trim. (Picture Credit:


Barber shops Sydney

A late edition to the best barber shops Sydney comes from Guys and Dolls. Tucked away in Redfern, Guys & Dolls claims to be a one-stop shop for all your greaser/hipster style needs. From a clip to a shave, Hair By Tommy J For Guys and Dolls also stocks a solid range of men’s hair products. Keep your eyes peeled for the retro skate decks too. You may even spot an original Powell Peralta if you’re lucky. The search for Animal Chin continues…


Barber shops Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney’s financial district, The Barberhood pays homage to the traditional old-world barbershop. This is a one-stop-shop for luxury men’s grooming products as well as a traditional lather and shave for the classic gent. The Barberhood has an impressive fit out which features Japanese-made Belmont barber chairs, iPads and a Sonos music system, where clients can choose their own playlist. And if that’s not enough to get you through the door, the boys at Barberhood amp it up on Fridays, offering Chivas Regal, neat, on the house.


Barber shops Sydney

The Barber Shop have just taken their fine cuts and crafty cocktails from York Street in Sydney’s CBD to The Streets of Barangaroo. The new venue offers a tailored barber experience with the opportunity to enjoy a creative cocktail and browse through men’s luxury books and lifestyle products while basking in a beautiful vintage industrial salon. Grooming services include hot towel shaves and beard trimming with vintage tools for contemporary precision cuts.